Terms & Conditions

Once we have received your completed forms we will book your child on and confirm you have a space, you are then bound by the terms and conditions (below). Your 1st invoice will then be generated and e-mailed to you. If you do not receive an invoice please e-mail us to inform us so we can resend. At this point also register your child with British Gymnastics https://www.british-gymnastics.org

Please note: We run normal sessions through school holidays except for part of Christmas and Easter.

  1. All members need to be registered with British Gymnastics - you will need to log on to the
    British Gymnastics website https://www.british-gymnastics.org to register and pay for your child’s British Gymnastics Insurance, proof of which must be e mailed to us. It is vital that this is done, as the children cannot take part without it. This is completely separate to any payments you make to the Club. Please note whatever time of year you sign up for this every gymnast will need to renew in September.
  2. The joining fee entitles you to 10% off our Birthday Parties, and the free use of our Wi-Fi in the café. This payment is paid upon joining then again, as annual membership, every January.
    The payment to be made by bank transfer : please use your child's name and invoice number as
  3. From September 2021 we will show part of each months invoice as membership. This is purely for the purposes of gift aid and is not an on top fee. i.e - Normal monthly fee £30.00 will be shown as - £20 fees, £10.00 membership Total invoice £30.00. Once per year, or when you join, your annual £25 membership fee will appear on your invoice, this is an extra charge.
  4. Please read the e mail with each invoice attached as we use this to send out important information.
Your responsibilities:
  1. I agree to pay my child’s fees on or before the due date shown on my invoice. I will pay the exact amount on the invoice. Late payment will result in a £5 admin fee being charged.
  2. I will return whole invoice with payment, or use child’s name/invoice number for online payments.
  3. I will pay invoice in full, taking into account the invoicing system with some fees being shown as membership (this is explained with your first invoice).
  4. I will agree that if my child no longer wishes to attend the club I must give written notice by the 20th of the month. If notice is given after this date I understand the next month must be paid for in full.
  5. In case of government enforced closure I will be invoiced and pay as normal and will receive online sessions.
  6. My child will hold correct and current British Gymnastics insurance for the duration of their membership at the club.
  7. I will utilise car park at rear of building at all times during my child’s membership with the club.
  8. I will treat the coaches, staff and volunteers with respect throughout the duration of my child’s membership with the club.